My Story



My name is Angie, I’m a 38 year old health and wellness enthusiast now residing in Denver, Colorado. After growing up in Michigan then moving to New York City where I met my husband and had a baby we decided to move to Colorado to raise a family and enable me to fulfill my passion in health and wellness.

Through my own health background and struggles I've taken an interest in helping to motivate and inspire others to want to BE WELL.  After acquiring a Health Coaching Certification through Integrative Institute for Nutrition and obtaining a Certified Personal Training (CPT) Certification through ACE & Group Fitness Certification through AFAA I’m on a mission to teach the young and young at heart the value of living a healthy life, incorporating nutrition and fitness, and providing the tools and support for achieving individual goals.  

Throughout my own journey there's been a series of very dramatic ups and downs, like I'm sure most of you have experienced.   At 29 I found myself divorced, a business owner, had no place to call my home, had virtually no possessions, was stressed, scared, alone and I was a rock bottom.  I needed to start getting my work-life balance on track but I had no idea where to begin.  I hired a trainer and it was life-changing.  I am forever grateful to this man.  Not only did he teach me the importance of exercise for my overall well-being and happiness but he taught me to have self worth and regain my confidence.  He also helped me to understand how to use food as fuel rather than an indulgence - I'll get into some of these food issues later on.  So we focused on getting healthy, not losing weight necessarily.  In the process the results were substantial.  I lost inches, a lot of them, and went from a size 10 to size 4.  It was dramatic and I was a new person, inside and out.  I was more confident, I was finally starting to be happy again and I used exercise as an outlet for my stress as a young business owner.  

I also found this new approach to health, fitness and lifestyle helped me resolve the longstanding symptoms of pancreatitis that I was diagnosed with in 2013.  After years of stomach pains, extreme bloating, anxiety, depression and seeing specialist after specialist I finally started to uncover the root cause.  In fact, this took almost 2 years to start to heal from the inside out.  I started juicing, researching super foods that heal (which was just starting at that time) and started making and eating food that made me feel good.  I refer to this as eating foods to make me glow from the inside out.  And they truly did!  I noticed my skin was clearer, my body was responding positively and I noticed a dramatic improvement in my mood.  

It turns out the toxic relationships I had in my life causing extreme stress on my body in addition to feeding myself too many foods that caused severe inflammation I was unable to enjoy really anything in my life until I discovered the root cause. I was prescribed medication after medication and through all of that I was just covering over the real problem which was severe inflammation causing physical and emotional symptoms that were keeping me from finding love and pursuing my passion.

I think back to if I never started that journey again to find myself.  Where would my life be today? I’m not quite sure, but I do know that finding healing with food enabled me to live a life of freedom from food that had a bind over me for so many years. Fitness was another big component that has taught me discipline, a sense of accomplishment and most importantly gave me a sense of self to be able to respect myself and my body again.   Fitness and nutrition are part of my overall health and wellness and has taught me through experience and self reflection the value of leading a healthy lifestyle and learning to Glow from the Inside Out!    

Thank you for visiting my page and I can't wait to meet you and hear more about your and your goals!