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Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Peach Oatmeal (GF)

Gettin crazy with oats!

So with this thick and creamy puree I thought I’d make oats like I usually do, boil water, add oats, add sea salt, add vanilla extract, and voila - oats! But this time there was a twist with some fun puree and its great to start your day with a little ginger and ACV!

The peach is an added bonus to sweeten things up AND its a stone fruit which is a double bonus! As we know stone fruits are angiogenic and cancer fighting fruits so incorporating these as many ways as possible!

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Peachy Almond Oats (V) (GF)

Throughout the years I’ve used it as fuel for very big runs I’ve had like 1/2 marathons and other training events. By far the best fuel source. Why is that? Because they are loaded with fiber which controls the appetite and blood sugar levels. If you are thinking about eliminating grains think twice about the reason why you may be eliminating them and maybe what grains should be kept in your diet and others that can be eliminated.

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