Bean & Tofu Salad


I love this recipe with you’re in a pinch and don’t want to put too much thought into preparing a meal - like most people everyday!

If you want to get better at eating more plant based meals, aside from just having veggies in the house, you want to make sure you armed with the right ingredients to be able to make a quick meal. I know that’s where it becomes hard for me if I want to make something fast, I reach for something that’s in a box OR something that doesn’t require me getting out my cooking equipment.

This does need a little bit of prep time - like 8 minutes! IF you can take a couple minutes to prep a bowl of this you are set for 2-3 days easily! Now let’s talk what you need to have on hand to make something like this!

Tip #1 - Have plant based proteins on hand. That means black beans, white beans, kidney beans, cannelloni beans, edamame, garbanzo beans, lentils, split peas and etc. The best is to have dry, however don’t beat yourself up if you don’t! You can just as easily have a few cans of organic low sodium ingredients on hand that will serve you just fine! Just make sure to rinse! If you get dry you have to rinse the beans, soak them for at least a day, then start the cooking process so just make sure to leave them out in a bowl the day before if you want to make them dry. I like to have a variety of both canned and dry as well as frozen - edamame especially. Frozen is best here.

Here are some examples of brands of beans and etc. that I buy!

Eden Organics - Black beans, Garbanzo Beans Canned (Link to Thrive Market)

Goya - Dry Black Beans and Split Peas and you can buy it anywhere! (Link to Target)

365 Organic - Dry Kidney Beans, Dry Black Beans, Dry Split Peas, Dry White Beans (link to amazon Fresh)

Tip #2 - Always try to have seasonings on hand from nutritional yeast, coconut aminos, liquid aminos, sea salt, miso paste, rice vinegar, assortment of oils and other fresh or dry herbs and seasonings. It helps to add flavor easily when you’re throwing things together last minute!

Here are some links to the types of seasonings, pastes and oils I have on had most of the time!

Nutritional Yeast - I love Braggs and I also buy the Trader Joe’s version.

Liquid Aminos - Thrive Market, Amazon or Trader Joe’s Version

Miso Paste - Miso Master Organic,

Rice Vinegar - Marukan

Don’t have some of these ingredients? It’s ok! When all else fails, use black pepper, sea salt, some olive oil and there you go! You don’t have to make a fuss with this. If you have these ingredients, or something similar, awesome! If not, don’t stress to make the recipe! The same concept can be applied with some very simple ingredients!


  • 1 cup frozen shelled edamame

  • 1/2 block firm organic sprouted tofu

  • 1 can rinsed chickpeas

  • 1/2 tsp pepper

  • 2 tbsp coconut aminos

  • 1 tsp white miso paste

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1/4 cup olive or avocado oil

  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar

  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes


  1. Saute edamame until thawed. Add dressing mixture below.

  2. In a jar with a lid or a bowl you can simple mix - pepper, miso, oil, vinegar, salt and shake or stir away until smooth or fully blended.

  3. Cut tofu block in half then slice about 1/4 slices and cut them into 1/4 diced cubes. Add to mixture with chickpeas.

  4. Continue sauteing with sauce for about 2-3 minutes or until slightly browned.

  5. Top with tomatoes! Store for 2-3 days and enjoy for future meals!