Chocolate Chip PMS Bites (GF) (DF)

I don’t know I know any women out there doesn’t struggle with PMS! Research suggests that 75% of women suffer from headaches, mood swings, bloating and etc.!

This is definitely becoming more common with the toxicity we have in our food and environment to cause and imbalance of hormones therefore creating escalated PMS symptoms.

The real cause of PMS is simply this: Your hormones become unbalanced, your estrogen levels increase, and progesterone levels decrease, either relatively or absolutely.

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Chocolate Chip Cake (DF) (GF)

My birthday cake! Which I’ve been eating all week long!!!!

Comprised of my two favorite things, chocolate and peanut butter. I went back and forth this year about how I wanted to create this but I came to this cake idea - although it would also be good in a brownie form.

First, when I make any dessert I look for the way to make it with the LEAST amount of sugar, ZERO gluten and taste amazing to satisfy my cravings. That’s not always easy to do!

However, with some experimenting I think I was able to put together a pretty amazing cake that did all of those things!

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Chocolate Dipped PB Cookies (GF) (DF)

I think this recipe combo is one of my absolute favorites! in fact, I had 3 cookies throughout the day yesterday as I made these! Eek!

However, I made them super low sugar - under 6 g per cookie without the dipping and under 8g of sugar with the dipping so not bad for a cookie!

I used a combo of what I had in the pantry for the flour so you can keep it all the same or mix it up. Same with the sweetener. I like to keep it natural always - never stevia or artificial sweetener is used.

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Super Immune Boosting Berry Bars (GF) (V)

The reason I call this super is because the ingredients so have some super powers. I’ve been studying super foods for a while and really dove deep into this book, “Eat to Beat Disease” by William Li and he has some profound research on some of these foods so I got inspired to start creating a few fun recipes with the super foods!

First, let’s talks how to re-generate your health through foods.

Now, we all want to live as long as possible right? But also maintain that vitality as log as possible so we can enjoy our quality of life. That requires eating the right foods!

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Almond Butter Cups (DF) (V)

If there is one thing in this world that I love, its chocolate. And any way I can include that in my life, I try to do so but the sugar content is just too much to have everyday. So I try to create the healthiest version of my favorite combos of almonds and peanuts with chocolate and this one never fails!

Rather than put this under the snack category, I’d definitely classify this as a dessert, BUT for now its going to rest here as it is a snack!

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Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Hummus

If you’re looking to change up your hummus game and want to have a creamy texture with some zing, then this is your jam!

It’s so easy to make your own hummus its just about getting creative and diversifying the flavors to make it work with what you’re craving. I’ll usually make these in batches for the week for myself and my family.

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Angie Renee
Low Carb Low Sugar Keto Pudding

For this chia pudding I love it as a snack OR as a great on-the-go breakfast. Technically I’m not supposed to have blueberries right now either but I’m keeping it at a minimum. So this isn’t 100% no carb, its very low carb. I hope it helps!

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PB & Chocolate "Nice" Cream (V) (GF)

One of my favorite things in the entire world is ice cream. I’ll look for anything that makes me feel less guilty for eating it. I started making this version years ago as a way to cut out some of the sugar and dairy and have found it to be so similar in texture and in creaminess!

If you’re an ice cream lover like me you’ll pretty much do anything for ice cream. When I was pregnant I ordered delivery from a convenience store and I would buy 1 of every flavor or Halo Top and make sure my freezer was stocked 24/7 with a variety of flavors. I refused to run out of ice cream!

Because I ate so much pregnant I wanted to scale back a bit on the REAL ice cream and opt for this less sugar, less calories and less guilty version of ice cream, or “nice” cream.

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