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Chocolate Chip Cake (DF) (GF)

My birthday cake! Which I’ve been eating all week long!!!!

Comprised of my two favorite things, chocolate and peanut butter. I went back and forth this year about how I wanted to create this but I came to this cake idea - although it would also be good in a brownie form.

First, when I make any dessert I look for the way to make it with the LEAST amount of sugar, ZERO gluten and taste amazing to satisfy my cravings. That’s not always easy to do!

However, with some experimenting I think I was able to put together a pretty amazing cake that did all of those things!

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Chocolate Dipped PB Cookies (GF) (DF)

I think this recipe combo is one of my absolute favorites! in fact, I had 3 cookies throughout the day yesterday as I made these! Eek!

However, I made them super low sugar - under 6 g per cookie without the dipping and under 8g of sugar with the dipping so not bad for a cookie!

I used a combo of what I had in the pantry for the flour so you can keep it all the same or mix it up. Same with the sweetener. I like to keep it natural always - never stevia or artificial sweetener is used.

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