Dairy Free Tomato Soup & Gluten Free Flat Bread

I stumbled across this when I was seriously in the mode for tomato soup with this first snow! October 10th and snow! How crazy!

So I got into the kitchen to whip up some creamy tomato soup and accidentally stumbled across this flat bread because there was no bread in the house and I wanted some dipping pieces for my soup! All I had in the house to make anything resembling bread was eggs and gluten free flour.

The soup was me wanting to have something creamy and tomato without all the sugar. I’ve purchased the boxed organic soup in the past and while its good, it still has a lot of sugar and it just doesn’t quite cut it for what my taste buds expect!

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Angie Renee
Dairy Free Veggie Lasagna (GF) (V)

Being plant based is about incorporating all the colors of the rainbow into your diet. The more color the better! Try experimenting with different vegetables of different colors and a great way to do that is in a dish like lasagna!

If you want to know one of my secrets for creating veggie packed recipes ESPECIALLY with leftover veggies, its veggie burgers AND lasagna! Its so easy and really fun to see what can turn out!

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Gluten Free "Bacon" & Egg Breakfast Biscuit

I really had NO idea how to make biscuits. I remember making them with my mom as a kid and using Bisquick….and if you don’t know what that is, look it up! JK. Its a mix, but really I wanted to know HOW to make biscuits.

You defintely need to try this recipe! Very buttery and VERY delicious!

They are mini and completely guiltless if you as me! I made this vegetarian version but feel free to pile on the meat and toppings!

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Quick Brussels & Burger (V, GF, DF)

s I’m attempting to create more and more low sugar, low carb recipes to rid my body of candida, I find it very difficult to completely cut out carbs as a vegetarian! Even beans and legumes, my staples are removed! And I can’t have dairy either so even the Keto diet is out for me!

This recipe took me 10 minutes from beginning to end. So simple! I definitely encourage you to try these new sliders AND cook your Brussels this way!

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Angie Renee