8 Min Sculpted Arm Series: Triceps - Resistance Bands

The third part of my 4 part 8 Min Sculpted Arms Series is here! This week I’m focusing on triceps using just resistance bands! Super short and effective workout that can be done anywhere, anytime!

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  1. Exercise #1 - Tricep kickbacks - make sure your resistance is adequate to have proper form, meaning enough to feel the muscle engage and not too much to be unable to get a proper extension. Adjust accordingly. Hinge forward at the hips and secure the band below the knee. Take a tight grasp of the band and secure your elbow next to your rib cage. As you bend at the elbow take the bands forwards and then extend the elbow and bring it back as you flex and engage the triceps on the way up. Repeat both sides.

  2. Exercise #2 - Straight arm raise and press out. Hinge forward at the hips on your knees or standing here, whichever you prefer. Ensure you head is in line with the spine. Take your hands between the bands with stick straight arms and press out till you feel the resistance and the triceps engage. Start by pressing up from the hips and then flex out past the hips, making sure the keeps the arms above the hips at all times engaging the muscle. Follow along with reps.

  3. Exercise #3 - Tricep Extensions - Come to standing or comfortable seated position. Grab with opposite hand the band and bring to the base of the neck. With your working arm hinge your elbow so its along side of your head with a 90 degree bend and grab the inside of the band on the opposite end. Grasping both sides start to extend the working arm to full flexion and bring the working arm back down into neutral position with the elbow bent along side of the head. Repeat both sides along with the video for reps.