Legs/Booty/Abs: Resistance Band Workout

I LOVE Bands!  its a great way to get in a workout anywhere, anytime!  Notice my 10 month old baby girl in the background as I do these workouts!  

Here's a breakdown of the workout where I focused on butt, lower back and abs at the end:

Circuit #1

  1. Squat Side Walks 20 Steps

Circuit #2

  1. Clam Shell 20 Reps

Circuit #3 

  1. Bridge Hip Dips 20
  2. Bridge Hip Dips with Knee flare 20
  3. Bridge Hip Dips with Extended Leg (both sides) 10 each side

Circuit #4

  1. Frog Leg Lifts with knee flare 20
  2. Frog Leg Lifts 20

Circuit #5 (Both Sides)

  1. L-Shape Leg Lifts - Lift top leg a 1-2" creating resistance.  You can come up on to your elbow or lay all the way down on your shoulders.  20 reps
  2. L-Shape Front to back - Same shape here you are just bringing the top leg forward to max resistance then back to max resistance.  20 reps
  3. Repeat L-Shape Leg Lifts (1)

Circuit #6

  1. Squat to Hip Abductors (Right and Left) 20 each side
  2. Squat Jumps with Band 20 Reps - Here you are just starting in a squat position and jumping up then as you return to squat position touching the ground. 

Circuit #7 

  1. Leg Extensions (20 reps) starting on your hands and knees keeping the band around the right ankle and just in the arch of the foot and extending the left leg back to max resistance.  Repeat Right Side.
  2. Plank Jacks (20 Reps)  Just as it sounds you start in plank with hands below the shoulders and butt down, hips in line with the spine.  Jump both feet out and back in just like a jumping jack.  (to modify this if needed just do jumping jacks)

Circuit #8 (Abs)

  1. Reverse Froggy (20 reps)  Start by lying on your back.  Knees over the hips.  Feet in line with the keens and flexed.  Bring the knees out in an abduction and back in.
  2. Leg Extensions (20 reps) In the same position, keeping the knees bent over the hips, extend your right leg out with the band just at the arch and alternate with the left leg.  

Repeat 2-3 times!