15-20 Minute EMOM Arm Workout

Here’s a very quick arm workout to do at home if you have medium sized weights and a band, or you can bring me to the gym with you! If you’re short on time and only have a couple minutes you can maximize your time or extend it to 4-5 rounds for max burn!

2-5 rounds - switching exercises on the minute every minute!


  • Double Arm Row to Tricep Kickback - 1 Minute

  • Double Arm Lift to Arm Extension - 1 Minute

  • Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press in Lunge Position - 1 minute Right Side / 1 Minute Left Side

  • Front Arm Raise with Pulse to Overhead Raise - 1 minute

  • Rotater Cuff Lift with Bands - 1 Minute

  • Side Walking Planks with Bands - 1 Minute

  • Side Knee Lift to Elbow Crunch - 1 Minute

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