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10 Minute Glutes & Legs Resistance Band Home Workout

I love these freaking bands! I take them everywhere and they are so fun to create new workouts on-the-go. I did this workout at home over the holidays in Michigan outdoors surprisingly!

This is great because you can follow along for a 10 minute burner workout OR you can amp it up and add in another round or two of each exercise for some major burn! Another bonus would be do do a 1-2 mile before the workout below for some added heat!

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EMOM At Home HIIT Workout

This is a great thigh workout I did on vacation last week that I really loved because it was quick, efficient and was a total burner! Total time was 24 minutes and done!

First, let’s start with what’s EMOM ? (which stands for every minute on the minute) is a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time.

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