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Breastfeeding coming to a hault before I was ready

Yup, 9 months almost to the day she decided, “No thank mom, I'm good,” and turned her head as I tried to nurse her in the night.  I thought maybe this was just a fluke, but no I tried again, and again, and again and yes she was done.  I took it very personally and a little piece of me was lost as I didn't know how we would have our bond back and would it be the same?  Well I'm here to tell you after that moment of disappointment it does come back.  Consequently, the next couple of weeks I feel like she has been needier than ever.  Always wanting me to hold her.  Sometimes, wanting to nap or sleep with me at night.  In fact, if she's at daycare too long on days that I'm working all day she is very fussy and extra needy.  

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