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Traveling with infants and children under 2

I find this is one of the most common mom questions I see on every mom blog and in social media. Let me tell you, everyone has their own opinion on at as well! While there are many circulating opinions, there are some hard facts that cannot be denied regardless of what anyone has to say. However, I’m always open and love hearing from other moms what they did and any lessons learned along the way for anything. Let’s face it, momming isn’t easy and if someone else has paved the way, rock on! Let’s hear how we can maybe make our lives better in the process.

Now that Alexandra is 15 months old, we’ve probably flown with her at least 10-12 times in her short time here on this planet! Our first experience at 6 weeks to Paris to the latest trip to South Carolina just last week at 15 months old! In that short period of time, I’ve learned a LOT! First being, traveling is no longer about me taking a nap and reading a book, its work! Its stressful, it makes me anxious and really you have little to no time to yourself - quite literally because you have a baby on your lap!

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