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Mom Boss - Routine is everything

I'm the worst when it comes to scheduling, keeping to commitments, arriving on time and etc.  I over-schedule, under-prepare and kind of just fly by the seat of my pants - or I used to!  Now, I've completely adapted my life to fit my new life as a mom and a mom boss.  Coming from the corporate world you'd think that I had it together in terms of being organized, scheduled, on time and etc.  In fact, I would project manage and that was really my role, holding the team accountable to timelines, scheduling and being prepared!  I don't know how I did it for over 6 years and I truly believe that career and ones prior prepared me for my greatest mom boss career that is today.

Now depending on the day, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's I'm teaching about 3-4 classes on those days and working in between.  When I say working I'm doing anything from creating and filming recipes, creating workouts, blogging, exploring how to optimize my website, planning out the day/week, coming up with new content and etc.  To help give me time to do that, I take Alexandra to daycare on those days and typically they are very full days for both of us! 

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