3 Month Group Coaching Program

3 Month Group Coaching Program

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An affordable means to do a coaching session with a max of 5 clients. Giving this away at an extremely affordable rate as regular group sessions can range from $65-$75/hour!

This can also be very educational and informative to all participants as we can learn so much through group share and develop a sense of community where we encourage and support one another towards our goals.

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Just like in our one-on-one coaching sessions this group session will run approx an hour, 2X’s a month in person or via phone/video conference depending on where the group participants are located. We will use a video conference software that is free and easy to use.

Before each session we will pose a few questions relating to your health and well-being and we will discuss at our session. We will also go through specific questions submitted by the group the week prior.

In order to maximize time we will be moderating and making sure we efficiently get to everyone’s questions/concerns for that week so the group is limited to ensure we maximize our time together and are able to fully engage as a group.

There will be scheduled content for the duration of the program that will outline what each session will entail. We will go through things like background, basic nutrition habits, current milestones in the lives of those in the group and etc. We will take this information, and apply it with real life applicable information that will help each client gain the guidance they set out to gain from the session that was set by the client at the initial session and bench marked against it to obtain desired results.

*Information in these group sessions is highly sensitive and personal and will not be shared outside of the group without written content from the clients.