39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant


For the love of baby....

I knew from a young age I wanted to be a mom.  It wasn't until I hit 30 that I started to have a burning desire to have a baby.  The unfortunate part, or not so unfortunate part after looking back, of this equation was that I was in no place in my life to care for another life.  I went though a major transition in my life at 30.  I was just divorced after a 7 year marriage, owned a bridal shop and didn't have a steady place to call my home.  Fast forward 7 years and I marry my best friend and beloved husband and we get pregnant with our baby girl.  My dream come true and my only wish was finally happening.  

Fortunately my pregnancy went very well.  I was healthy, worked out regularly and was the happiest glowing pregannt person.  In fact, to this day I miss my pregant belly.  It was one of the most incredible expereinces, aside from the birth of my baby, that I had been though.

In this blog I'll go back through the journey from the perspective of what I learned and valuable tips I can share with you from what to expect at each stage, foods that were life-giving and energy producing, workouts I did throughout my pregnancy to traveling.   

I'm so happy you're here and I hope you gain some insights from this blog.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Please drop me a note or comment on things you would like to hear about my journey that may help you along yours.




6 weeks

Prego 5 weeks.JPG

This picture was the weekend after we found out and confirm with the doctor I was pregnant!  I was still feeling great, doing workouts as normal and just started to remove some of the foods and drinks (aka alcohol) out of my diet.  I stopped eating anything raw, stopped doing my pre-workout, stopped drinking decaf coffee only and limited it to 1 cup (I wouldn't recommend!), stopped eating unpasteurized cheeses and that's about it!  I also started getting cravings at this point.  It was carbs, carbs and more carbs!  I became obsessed with egg mc muffins(or so I called them) particularly the Starbucks turkey bacon egg white sandwich (minus the turkey bacon).  

8-10 weeks pregnant

By the grace of GOD I was able to run this New York Road Runners (NYRR) 15K!  I signed up earlier on in the year with it being my last of 9 races of the year to qualify me for the 2017 NYC Marathon.  I ran this with my best friend who flew in from Denver to spend the weekend and she very graciously joined me on the entire journey.  It was the hardest 9.3 miles I had ever run but I did it!

Following that i had a series of very nauseating days and nights.  I would be late fro work frequently and couldn't tell anyone so ended up telling my boss so she wouldn't wonder why i was late so much and now calling in sick!

The transportation to work was a nightmare.  I was sick every morning on the train. If you don't live in the city, well let me just say, no one cares if you are pregnant!  And even if you clearly look pregnant, which I didn't at the time but eventually did, its still a fight to get a seat!  So eventually I just started telling people to move or I was going to vomit.  That made them move VERY quickly!:)

10-12 weeks pregnant

Since this timeframe was over teh holidays we were traveling and let me tell you traveling and nausea are not fun!   Our first stop was Michigan where we spent Christmas with my family and second stop was Hawaii for our honeymoon.  SEe more about that under travel!

Most days I felt good but I would have mornings or evenings where i just couldn't get out of bed.  so my husband would lay in bed with me and read to me and our baby, "The Girl on the TRain" until I fell asleep:)

My palette was very simple.  Cereal and acai bowls in Hawaii!  I couldn't eat enough carbs at this point and acai bowls were so pure and clean and was just what i needed at this stage of pregnancy.  I still wasn't really showing and just looked a little bloated on days.  

I was working out much less at this point, like 2 days a week, as it was dependent on how I felt.  I tried running in Hawaii and it was the hardest 2 miles of my life and I felt like I could not get any air though my lungs and was gasping, so I decided to table that for a while.  I was fortunately able to hike and paddle board but things were kept pretty light for the most part.

Some days I felt great and would do some light cardio and lift light weights, other days I could not get out of bed.  Yoga and resistance bands were my best friend during this stage of pregnancy.  I did yoga consistently at home everyday even if it was a light flow and didn't work up a sweat.   I just tried to do something to get my body moving which was key for me.