Anti-Inflammatory Brain Healthy Smoothie

Stone fruits are first of all - bursting with flavor. They are known for their pit in the center! You will recognize them as apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, mangoes and even lychee!

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Nutrient Dense Go-To-Green Smoothie (V)

If you’re having a hard time getting in your veggies during the day, a smoothie is ALWAYS an easy way to get them in!

I love this combo and I’ve done variations of this for years! It’s my staple, my go-to, my easy no thinking smoothie when I just need nutrition and don’t want to put in the effort!

This smoothie me tons of energy, makes me feel balanced, fulfilled and most of all, makes me feel like I got in all of my nutrients!

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Super Berry Green Smoothie Bowl

Hooray Spring is in full force and Summer is on its way!! Time to break out more smoothie recipes!

Green smoothie bowls are some of my go-to’s in the spring/summer and provide a pack-a-punch nutrients! I love adding spinach to bowls. Regardless of if you want a green colored bowl or not, you can still add it and cover it with berries or chocolate BUT in this case I accentuated the bowl color by adding some super green spirulina!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Spirulina provides a lot of punch in flavor and in nutrients! It contains copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium along with other minerals. Super powerful and contains a lot of SUPER benefits!

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Almond Joy Smoothie (V) (DF)

Anyone else like to relive cravings through smoothies? I feel like its a great way to “cheat” without cheating. You feel me?

Well, lately I’ve been all about the craving smoothies. I quite literally have dreams about these and its absolutely crazy! I’ll wake up just salivating over a new concoction that I dreamt about. This one was Almond Joy.

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Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie (V)

One of my favorite ice cream cravings as a kid was Mint Chocolate chip and there are some days that just makes my taste buds water at the thought of it! One of those days arose and I decided I desperately needed one to curb my cravings. Today was the day!

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Energy Boosting Green Goji Smoothie Bowl

One of my favorite things when the weather warms up is to make smoothie bowls for most meals! I’m a huge fan of the thick and creamy version when I just want to enjoy eating rather than drinking my nutrients!

However, the smoothie serves it purpose for me definitely on-the-go! I’ve made so many combos over the years I wanted to start sharing them on here as well with my other recipes. Its so easy to create combos if you have a base set of ingredients in you kitchen.

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Angie Renee
PB & Chocolate Collagen (V)

Smoothies are a staple for me for on-the-go and a great way to get in as many nutrients as possible in a quick meal! As a fitness instructor and trainer I’m always running from client to client, location to the next and I need something fast! Usually this will be an afternoon snack or possibly a breakfast on-the-go depending on my schedule. I like to have something that’s very filling because I really don’t have time to snack and for me it works into my lifestyle and daily routine of eating 4-5x a day.

I love to put peanut butter in my smoothies! As much as it get a bad rap, for me, I’m obsessed! It’s a guilty pleasure that I don’t feel guilty about because putting it in my smoothie really helps to curb the cravings during the day.

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