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Super Berry Green Smoothie Bowl

Hooray Spring is in full force and Summer is on its way!! Time to break out more smoothie recipes!

Green smoothie bowls are some of my go-to’s in the spring/summer and provide a pack-a-punch nutrients! I love adding spinach to bowls. Regardless of if you want a green colored bowl or not, you can still add it and cover it with berries or chocolate BUT in this case I accentuated the bowl color by adding some super green spirulina!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Spirulina provides a lot of punch in flavor and in nutrients! It contains copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium along with other minerals. Super powerful and contains a lot of SUPER benefits!

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Almond Joy Smoothie (V) (DF)

Anyone else like to relive cravings through smoothies? I feel like its a great way to “cheat” without cheating. You feel me?

Well, lately I’ve been all about the craving smoothies. I quite literally have dreams about these and its absolutely crazy! I’ll wake up just salivating over a new concoction that I dreamt about. This one was Almond Joy.

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