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Good for baby blended foods - 6-12 months

So the first thing I was worried about as a crazy mom when I started introducing purees was will my baby get the proper nutrition.  Well, the answer is yes.  You aren't replacing food first and foremost you are simply adding to expand their palette.  When I first started with purees I was really expirementing with a lot of foods, some savory, some sweet, some combination.  My goal was to give her as many nutrients and GREENS as I could in a sitting.  I started my own blends like kale, apple and banana.  Then started doing some oats like whole grain oats with 1 banana as a sweetener and a dash of cinnamon.  I would also use my breast milk to thin it out as when you blend the oats they tend to get really thick!  When I was in a pinch I would use the cold pressed purees like the kale and apple, or broccoli apple and then started adding in the pouches - which lets be honest are LIFESAVERS!  Not only do they save time, but they are convenient and don't create a mess - as I still serve it to her because even at 9 months she would have it everywhere!

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