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Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (GF)

This is one of my favorite - easy to save - and take on-the-go salads! So flavorful and doesn’t get all wilt staying in the fridge. I really don’t like taking salads because they require so much prep time for on-the-go because I have to make a new one everyday.

Whereas this is scoop and go!

This was all inspired by new ways to make and create bean recipes, and salads more or less. My toddler and I go through more legumes and beans in a week than the average person I’m pretty sure!

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Cauliflower Gnocchi & Tofu Kale Bowl (V) (GF)

I’d say my most favorite find lately has been this pre-packaged cauliflower gnocchi. Now I know what your’re thinking, this is a healthy recipe blog, not a store bought food blog!

However, if you can find things you like that are easy to pair with healthy items like vegetables and your choice of protein, it makes life just a little bit easier. Who does’t want that?

This dish can be made VEGAN or with Chicken!

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Bean & Tofu Salad

If you want to get better at eating more plant based meals, aside from just having veggies in the house, you want to make sure you armed with the right ingredients to be able to make a quick meal. I know that’s where it becomes hard for me if I want to make something fast, I reach for something that’s in a box OR something that doesn’t require me getting out my cooking equipment.

This does need a little bit of prep time - like 8 minutes! IF you can take a couple minutes to prep a bowl of this you are set for 2-3 days easily! Now let’s talk what you need to have on hand to make something like this!

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